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Some Writing Elf Work by Me for Lock Search Group

It is time for my seasonal message of joy to
Lock’s wonderful clients and candidates. Some might grumble that this year there
is not much to be thankful for – the European Debt Crisis, a prolonged period of
job stagnation and, perhaps most troubling, the fact that Canada’s own Ryan
Gosling was robbed of the title of Sexiest Man Alive by Bradley Cooper. ROBBED!
These are extremely distressing issues but every year we have things to worry
about – the important thing is to focus on the positive and to count our
blessings and focus on some recent good tidings: Mark Carney elevated to chief
global financial watchdog, encouraging signs that Europe is getting its house in
order (some more on that below) and that apparently even Mr. Cooper is feeling a
little unworthy of his ‘title’.

You may have noticed that Lock itself is
going through some changes of its own with some new faces joining our team.
We’re pleased to expand our ability to assist people and companies across North
America by matching exceptional candidates with exceptional companies. We’ve
always highlighted the actual faces of our recruiting staff on our website – to
show you the real people who want to help you achieve your goals – but now we’re
giving ourselves a facelift. Now you can see our sleek new website featuring our
Lock Canada, Lock USA and Lock Executive brands with a host of classic and
new job search features.

Lock is busier than ever with constant requests
to fill positions with exceptional people. By way of example, we are currently
looking to fill a long term position at Scrooge Marley LLP, a storied London
private banking operation. One of the named partners has been seconded to the
European Central Bank to help them with the crisis. We’re sure Eb will do a fine
job. Although prone to seasonal fits of over-generosity, his reputation is that
of a shrewd money manager. Knowing this tendency, however, his new position will
begin mid-January. So again, the New Year promises many great things and Lock is
looking forward to helping you with your many opportunities in the coming

Season Greetings,Richard Lock


Riding around in the Juicemobile.

Doing a little work with the beautiful people (it’s true, a couple of them at least are very attractive) at JUICE Mobile – helping them with press releases for two innovative mobile marketing solutions they’ve come up with – mobile donations to Food Bank Canada and an expandable tab campaign for Kinect’s new games that target new audiences: young women and families. In each case they’re market firsts for Canada.

Doing some web work with MixxMedia and Lock Search Group

We are building a new website for Lock Search Group, an executive search firm I’ve done writing for for years, and working with my good pals at MixxMedia, a most excellent boutique digital communications firm. The site you see now contains some funny bios I’ve written over the years but the new site will be super cool and contain even more of my writing. How can you lose?

Working with marblemedia again

Happy to be working with marblemedia again. Last time I got a Gemini out of it. Well, I got to look at the Gemini. From behind glass. Until security tasered me.

This time I’m working on a short script for a “sizzler” trying to sell a TV series/website format to international buyers.

BTW I have decided ‘The Sizzler’ will be my new Super Villain name. Also a good name for a hamburger. Hmm. Now I’m thinking of the Hamburglar – perhaps the worst villain ever.

Recent Email to Lock Search Group clients

Dear Chris

On February 12 the Olympic torch will arrive in Vancouver to start the 2010 Winter Olympic Games and everything else in Vancouver will come to a grinding halt – all except Lock Search Group, that is. Our dedicated team has been training for this event for almost a complete day now and will be in prime shape once the Torch arrives.

The events that our committed team has been training for include:

The Non-Ringing Phone Endurance Event – Using a combination of meditation, coffee, computer solitaire and air mattresses to combat bed sores, our staff will be poised to answer any call that might come through day or night.

Stopped/Slow Moving Car Vault – Recognizing that important client meetings could be sabotaged by traffic snarls, our team of dedicated staff has been practicing its wind sprints and car vaulting skills in a nearby Tim Horton’s drive-through which they feel gives the best comparison to real life circumstances. We are happy to announce that the stopped cars are proving to be no match for our group – though the slowly moving ones are still presenting a challenge. We hope them all to be off crutches soon so they can master that challenge by February 12.

Olympic Fever Vertical Climb – Our number one challenge will be to overcome peoples’ obsession with the Olympics so we can discuss meeting their recruitment needs. To that end the team here at the Vancouver office has fully embraced traditional Olympic dress for the duration of the Olympics. That’s right – we’ll all be wearing togas. (OK, traditional Olympic dress was nude but even Lock Search group has limits on how far it’ll go for your business.)

Lock Search Group is ready to meet your recruiting needs during the Olympics. We encourage you to give us a call or drop in and, hey, if you want to sport traditional Olympic dress, it’s all good. Be sure to bring a towel to sit on, though.

Team Lock Search Group







Fall Is Here And It’s Time For Our Valued Customers To Take Advantage Of Lock Search Group’s Back To School Operational Specials


As the nights grow cooler and longer, your mind turns over warm memories of old friends. Maybe you wonder what that crazy LSG is up to these days – the times you used to have together. Whew! Hey, we’ve been thinking of you too. It’s business as usual here pairing up exceptional candidates with careers in Sales and Marketing. Gosh, you think as you jump into a big pile of freshly raked leaves, if only Lock could help me with my Operational needs. It’s so hard to find the right person.


Well, ahem, we DO have Expert Consultants on the Operational side ready to cater to your needs. This includes roles within Plant Management, Production, Quality, Logistics, Warehouse and Distribution. This news, no doubt, warms you as much as a hot cup of cocoa in front of a crackling fire with that extra special someone.


For more information on how Lock Search Group can help you with key personnel within your Operations Group or for someone to join you fireside please contact Mark Venters at


[PHOTOGRAPHIC IMAGE: GRAINY, BLEACHED OUT, OVEREXPOSED, HYPER REAL. Urban skate park on hot, sunny, summer day. At bottom close up of man completely, painfully yet comically wiped out in a half pipe. Skateboard and helmet sprayed out from his crash. Man is in 40s, balding wearing state of the art skate gear, elbow and knee pads.
A number of cool kids in our demographic (16- 24, mixed-race, multi-racial wearing low key skate gear, no helmets, modest tattooing, minor piercings (i.e. nose, lip, and earrings) sit at the top of the half-pipe. Backpacks, music players, snacks scattered around. Prominently on display are some VCVC cola cans/bottles being drunk. Mixed reactions from the kids to what they witness below – laughing, disgust, horror.]

That’s just the way it rolls. Some people get it and – others never will. VCVC’s got it. It tastes great with a shot of vanilla, a blast of cherry and a real cola kick for when you need it. Like after a punishing run on the slopes or after riding some serious trails – or like after wiping out during a session and sliding on your face in front of that betty with the nose ring. The price don’t hurt either.

But this guy? – he don’t need a VCVC – he needs an ambulance.

Wipe Out Your Thirst. [Stylized Image of an open glass bottle of VCVC with the cola pouring out in a wave, white crested foam on top, the lid on top of the wave like a boogie/skate board]

Make The Right Choice For The Apples of Your Eye

Choose the health food growing in your own backyard
Pick the health food growing in your own backyard

Apples have been around since… Adam and Eve but Ambrosia Apples are a tempting and nutritious new option. With their crisp, sweet taste they’re perfect for packed lunches or in a fresh salad… or even during a stolen moment from the office. Ambrosia Apples are grown only in Canada and their juicy goodness is available at farmer’s markets and the best grocers near you. They contain nothing but apples, mouth-watering flavour and the knowledge that you made the best choice for your family.

Put some goodness in your mouth.