“When looking for an editor to work with our dating experts/bloggers, Christopher came immediately to mind. I had worked with him many times before.  He’s fun, gracious and understands creative tasks quickly, something I value highly when working with story people in particular. To me, it means we can spend our time building on our ideas and, Christopher is always full of imaginative and practical ways of doing that. But this task didn’t just involve working with me. It meant him holding a group of writers to delivering their best while assuring me he would serve the writers needs as well. I was glad we hired Christopher. The final pieces were polished, entertaining and completed on time to the gratitude of our team and our broadcast partners. Christopher has a highly professional manner, is a great copy and story editor AND consistently meets his deadlines. He’s a great writer too. I highly recommend him and plan to work with him again in the future.”

Johnny  Kalangis, Creative Director, marblemedia, managed Christopher indirectly at marblemedia


“Christopher repeatedly delivers highly creative and humourous work that clearly expresses the creative direction and brand.”

Top qualities: Great Results, Personable, Creative

Jonathan  Wood,   Founder, MixxMedia  first hired Christopher as a Writer/Editor in 2008 and continues to do so up to present.


“As editor of the Timeline series of graphic novels, I’ve had the pleasure of working with Chris Sweeney on two titles, Riches of the Amazon and Birth of Jazz. I’ve been impressed by his ability to tell plot-driven stories that draw together in a complex, satisfying form the major themes relevant to the topics in question. His sense of characterization is strong and he has a great ear for dialogue. He has a great talent for funny and inventive narrative devices. Moreover, he’s also very pleasant and easy to work with!!”
Vicki Low, Editor
Rubicon Publishing Inc

“Since Chris joined our corporate communications training practice as an outside consultant, he has brought an entirely new level of creativity, excitement and performance acumen to our group training modules.”
Kenneth Evans , Vice President
APEX Public Relations Inc.

“I have worked on numerous occasions with Chris and have found him dependable, creative, and although I hate to admit it, funny. He has an innate ability to come up with creative solutions that appeal to general audiences and corporate clients alike. Give him a call, before someone else does.”
Nick Kindler, Partner/Creative Director
engine communication + events inc


Chris Sweeney’s presentation to my students was excellent. The author of five graphic novels, he lent his expertise to a class of grade 9 and 10 learners, helping them develop and shape story ideas for their own books. His time at The Woodlands School was greatly appreciated by teachers and students alike. In fact, he was so popular that a grade 10 student asked him for an autograph. Nice work!”


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