It’s Been Two Months? Another Pop Culture Snapshot.

I was shocked to realize it’s been two months since I last added to this blog. One of the hazards of writing a parenting blog is parenting gets in the way. And work. And laundry. And catching up on Netflix. And writing to do lists. And adding updating FB status to my to-do list. And then of course, actually updating my FB status.

So in an effort to get something down now, I thought I’d add another Snapshot of life at Pop Culture.

3 boys. All different as well illustrated by this recent dinner table exchange:

Primo (age 11): Yeah, Mr. Billingsley, the Junior Band instructor, asked me and Jon to join the Senior Band since they don’t have any trumpets. Which is cool to do but it would mean I would have to get to school early for practice – so I’m not sure…

Terzo (age 6): What? You could play in the senior band? (jumps up from table and brandishes fist). GO FOR IT!

Secondo (age 8): (looking up at Terzo from under lowered lids, smirking) Don’t go for it.

Laughter all around – except from Terzo who tries to punch Secondo and storms off crying because he thinks we’re making fun of him.