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POP CULTURE: A Boy Named… Who?

POP CULTURE: A Boy Named... Who?
Johnny Cash’s song “A Boy Named Sue” tells us something true about fathers

I love the Johnny Cash song, “A Boy Named Sue”. You can sing it; it tells a story; and it’s funny as @#$%. It’s about a boy who was abandoned by his father, leaving him with nothing but the name “Sue”. This made for a hard life for young Sue, who had to learn to look after himself on account of his name. Sue swears that when he finds his father, he’ll kill him. Hilarious, right?

A version of this post also appears in the October/November 2013 Village Living Magazine: West Village and Village Living Magazine: Mount Pleasant.


Pop Culture: Pillow Talk

pillow talk

Another snapshot of life here at Pop Culture.
As we snuggle at bedtime at lights out, my six year leans over and confides in me.
“Daddy, I know God’s secrets.”
“Huh?!  Really? How do you know that?”
“I saw a wizard today and his shadow told me.”
I alternate between concern that he is totally insane and awe at how incredibly cool that is.

New Pop Culture: You Complete Me

you complete me

New Pop Culture: You Complete Me now up and in June/July issue of Village Living Magazine (West Village and Mount Pleasant editions). Watch out, this one is about FEELINGS.

“Likely everyone is familiar with the line “You complete me” that Jerry (Tom Cruise) utters to Dorothy (Renee Zellweger) in front of a roomful of hostile divorcees. Women swoon over that line. But the movie never demonstrates that she does complete him. It’s a cheat. So who should McGuire have declared his love to? Dorothy’s son, Ray.”

I’m baaack – New Pop Culture: Bedtime Routine posted

Pop Culture: Bedtime Routine

go the f to sleep

“… There used to be a time (when we had fewer and younger children) when we would have a small life raft of time between their finally going to sleep and our bedtime. As we have grown increasingly exhausted (and our children older and more demanding), that time has shrunk to almost nothing. Our bedtime routines, begun in youthful and new parent enthusiasm and naivitee, are always in danger of consuming us. …”

POP CULTURE: Bedtime Routine. Pop Culture is a humourous blog about being a Modern Dad. It also appears as a regular column in Village Living Magazine. This post is about Exhaustion, Bedtime Routines and performing Freebird.


FROM THE SPAM FILES: Pr0fessi0nal Dipl0mas


From The Spam Files: Taking Comic Pleasure and Inspiration From Spam
From The Spam Files: Taking Comic Pleasure and Inspiration From Spam

“You  won’t  have  any  problems  getting  a job  if  you use my advice.  Your pr0fessional  skills  are  all  that  matters,  but getting  a diploma  won’t hurt.  N0w  you won’t  have to  pass any  tests or  exams to receive  your diploma… Tell  please your  name, ph0ne number  and d0  n0t  fOrget  country-code  Let’s discuss  your problem,  contact me if you  have  any  questions. Y0ur Bachel0rs Degree  is  wating for  you. 0rder  0nline”

Is it the misspellings and ungrammatical writing that causes me concern about the legitimacy of this offer? Perhaps it’s the repeated substitution of zeroes for the letter “O”? Whatever it is, it made me laugh. Thank you, Spammers.

Pop Culture: New Year Reflections and Resolutions

“… it makes a great place to stick a kid…  They come back in pink cheeked, all their yayas worked out, in much better moods and they sleep well. Even better if you go out with them you can throw snowballs at them yourself and toss them into snowbanks all in the name of good clean fun and working out some of your own frustrations. RESOLUTIONS: Contribute to Environmental Advocacy groups, invest in snow making equipment and keep the kids outside as much as possible in all kinds of weather.”

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