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I Am Now A Good Man

Zombie Hockey Dad
My experiences as a Zombie Hockey Dad gain a wider audience

I am now a contributor to The Good Men Project site.

You can see the article here:


A different version of this article appeared previously on my Pop Culture blog here:


Again props to Village Living Magazine which also publishes some of my Pop Culture columns.




I feel Polonius' pain
Kids today are just like in Shakespeare’s time – they just don’t listen.

Where I bemoan the lack of proper filial deference.

Check it out on Village Living Magazine’s website:

Or at the source, Pop Culture:


New Pop Culture: And there were wolves…

My boys are outside animals

“Do you know how there are inside pets and outside pets? Some animals are content to spend their days snoozing on the carpet where others need acres of open space in which to run until their tongues hang out a foot or so. I can say that my boys are outside animals.”


New Pop Culture: Papa’s Got A Brand New Bag

Boys Are Always Hungry
I feel similarly to this keeper when holding a bag of food in front of my children – nervous.

“No one really expects you to hunt your own food anymore but the least you can do is make some PB&Js for the road without being asked.”


New Pop Culture Appearing in this month’s Village Living Magazine – Reinvented Dad

Christopher Sweeney Pop Culture Village Living
New Pop Culture article – Reinvented Dad – appears in this month’s Village Living Magazine

He loves them, feeds them (though through wild devices such as an elaborate bacon and egg machine) and provides them with a fantastic example of someone who follows his own path


Pop Culture

The premiere issue of the magazine. Look for my column in the June/July issue.

I am pleased to announce that my column “Pop Culture” will appear in the June/July issue of Village Living Magazine. The column is a humourous take on the trials and tribulations of being a stay at home dad/primary caregiver/cutting edge father. The issue should be out mid June. The first one is tentatively titled “Male Models”. I hope this to be the first of many columns.